记录、分析 & 质量管理

With ASC的 solutions users can increase their service quality, protect their assets and react optimally in emergencies.

Challenges of this kind are part of the daily business for companies and public safety organizations. ASC不仅捕获通信流, but also evaluates them contentwise and structures this flood of data into valuable information which enhances productivity and decreases costs.

ASC提供记录解决方案, 分析和评估客户互动, 包括固话, 手机的声音, 闲谈,聊天, 视频和屏幕活动. The content of communication becomes accessible and critical information and trends are revealed, providing real-time business intelligence for immediate management action.

ASC的 entire portfolio is available as on-premise solution or via the cloud.




ASC的 neo recording suite captures, saves and archives multiple

通信渠道包括移动语音, video, 和金融机构聊天, 联络中心和公共安全组织. Since 1964, ASC has provided innovative recording systems to meet the most stringent demands.


今天, companies face the imposing challenge of meeting regulatory directives such as MiFID II, 多德弗兰克法案, 和PCI DSS. ASC的 neo solution provides compliance recording with individual access rights to fulfil the demands of work councils. Flexible redundancy scenarios and state- of-the-art encryption mechanisms provide highest reliability and security to comply with legal regulations.


以防威胁电话, agents can choose to record the entire call at any point during the conversation. Bulk recording preserves all inter- actions to verify transactions and comply with documentation obligations.


It’s your customers who provide companies with valuable information to facilitate decision-ma- king on an enterprise-wide basis. ASC的质量管理软件:INSPIRATIONneo,获取这些信息并对其进行评估. Through synchronized recording of calls and screen activities, 它帮助公司分析客户服务, 市场推广活动及产品. User-friendly reports turn raw data into valuable information, 易于可视化,以发现最新的趋势. Additional tools en- able the management of processes, 在线学习以及语音和桌面分析. Staff planning capabilities are available as an additional option.


neo provides a wealth of insights for companies with an otherwise un- manageable number of customer interactions. Trends can be discover- ed and automated evaluations are possible. Filtering incoming communications via speech analytics tools extracts and generates valuable information for any business. Breaches of compliance regulations can also be detected and eliminated to fulfil legal requirements and, 作为一个结果, 可以避免高额罚款.


Volatile markets and shorter product cycles have be- come a tremendous challenge throughout the business world. neo has been designed to meet stringent demands of service providers. We provide you with communications recording and quality management as a service whereby capacities and features can be added as needed to react quickly and grow in the long-term.


ASC offers integrated solutions for major telecommunication service providers such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, 空中客车公司, 亚美亚, BT, 供应商BroadSoft, 思科, IPC,


They are tailored to fit the complex infrastructures of customers.


ASC is a worldwide leading software provider of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics addressing all enterprises with recording needs, 特别是联系中心, financial institutions and public safety organizations. ASC记录, 分析和评估所有媒体之间的互动, 作为内部部署或云解决方案. Headquartered in Germany and with subsidiaries in United Kingdom, 法国, 瑞士, 罗马尼亚, 迪拜, 美国, 巴西, 墨西哥, 香港, Japan and Singapore as well as a worldwide service network, ASC是行业中一个强大的全球参与者.