Open Lake Technology
Automating Daily Operations and Compliance Checking

Still doing daily manual walk-the-floor checks?

Imagine a world where compliance is simple, clear and easy to apply. 
Over the past ten years, financial companies have paid more than € 26 billion in fines for non-regulatory practices .

The key element today is the ability to monitor compliance with existing and future directives.The multiplication of communication channels further complicates the monitoring work for the IT & compliance teams. It is therefore essential that these teams have a common working tool to supervise the end users.

Open Lake Technology, offers a unique tool at the confluence of hypervision, business intelligence and process automation.

Our goal is to enable you to achieve complete centralized automation of monitoring functions for IT and Compliance teams to limit your company’s risk. We also propose to provide decision support for the business lines in order to improve operational results.

We offer a central and agnostic tool allowing you to:

Compliance Process Automation Tells You the Real Story

Most system management tools tell you about devices with problems but they can’t tell you if your ’system’ is working as it should. bat365 Compliance Process Automation with Open Lake can.

This is critical in financial trading compliance where penalties for breaches can be severe. It requires bringing together information from: desktop devices, remote users, servers, applications, VoIP/PBX systems, networks, gateways and storage et cetera.

Open Lake CPA allows you to define critical elements and monitor performance in near real-time.

Contact us if you are interested in a Proof-of-Value trial which can be easily set up without affecting anything in your environment.

Got all the Recordings?
How do they sound?

Setting up voice recording is complex and a frequent result is that recordings are there but there is nothing in them or the quality of the recording is just not sufficient to be accepted by regulators.

It is now a regulatory requirement that the content and quality of recordings MUST be checked. Sampling is a route often used but will inevitably miss the ones you really need.

Open Lake CPA checks all recordings for voice quality. The system can be used with virtually any recorder including Nice, Red Box, Verint, Mida, ASC and many others.

Simple Customisable Dashboards

IT systems generate millions of events per second. How do you tell what is important to your compliance system?

Open Lake CPA analyses event data and presents it in the form of dashboards using criteria YOU define.

No more scrolling through SYSLOG data to find out what’s happening and if your system is at risk.